Committees and Committee Members

Santa Fe Public Schools Aspen Community School

2020 Education Eagle Award Less than 50k SF

Submitted by The Hartman + Majewski Design Group

Awards of Excellence

The Awards of Excellence is an award ceremony where we acknowledge the best projects in the following categories: Offices, Industrial, Retail, Community-Civic/Public, Renovation/Remodel, Mixed-Use, Worship, Educational, Medical, Hospitality Multi-family, Planned Neighborhood, and Infrastructure.

Committee Members:

Co-Chairs-Jim Strozier & Angela Valdez

Shirley Anderson | Darin Davis

Ryan Garcia | Doug Majewski

Kevin Patton | Karl Smith | Bruce Stidworthy



Developing Leaders Council

All NAIOP Members 35 years of age or younger

Committee Members:

Thomas Cooper  –  Chair

Clay Azar | Aaron Bernabe

Juan Dorado | Scott Goodman

July Liz | Sarah Marley

Sal Perdomo | Matt Satches

Marshall Shore | Jeff Slopek


Event Volunteer Chairs - Luncheon & Breakfast

Dale Dekker | Joe Far

Angela Williamson

Funding Committee

Committee Members:

Debbie Harms | David Leith

Bobbi Kay Nelson | Debbie Ramirez

Cynthia Schultz | Stan Sluder | Art Tatum


Golf Tournament

Committee Members:

Mike Pattengale & Brandon Remley, Co-Chairs

Kristi Gibbs | Irwin Harms

Mary Homan | David Newell

Sherry Read | Ray J. Smith | Scott Whitefield

Investment Committee

Committee Members:

David Leith – Chair

Joe Farr | Ken Fanning (Consultant)

Debbie Harms | Bobbi Kay Nelson

Debbie Ramirez | Lance Sigmon

Ray J. Smith | Scott Whitefield


NAIOP @ Night Committee

Committee Members:

Sal Perdomo, Chair | David Shaffer, Chair

Crystal Conine | Juan Dorado

Michelle Franks | Kristi Gibbs

Irwin Harms | David Leith

David Silverman | Scott Whitefield

PAC Committee

Committee Members:

Tom Jenkins – Chair

Clay Azar | Phil Casaus

Darin Sand | Lance Sigmon

Paul Silverman | Jeanie Springer


Past Chairman's Committee

Committee Members:

Joe Farr, Chair

All NAIOP Past Chairs

Press Coordinator

Committee Members:

Benjamin H. Gardner – Chair

Phil Casaus | Adam Harper


If this is a committee you are interesting in join, please contact us!

Rio Rancho Committee

Committee Members:

Jeanie Springer – Chair

Michelle Franks | Steve Garcia

Jennifer Greenwood | Kevin Kofchur

Bobbi Kay Nelson | Sherry Read

Mike Skolnick | Paul Wymer


Science Fair Committee

Committee Members:

Louis & Stacy Abruzzo and Mary Homan  Co-Chairs

Chris Baca | Thomas Cooper

Tom Jenkins | Mike Pattengale

Kevin Patton | Sal Perdomo

Rich Reif | Brandon Remley

Darin Sand | Rosie Yee

Seminar Committee

Hanna Feil Greenhood | Jordan Herrington

Mike Pattengale | Brian Patterson

Julie Rowey | Jim Smith




State/National Government Policy Committee

Dale Armstrong | Kurt Browning

Chris Clepper | Thomas Cooper

Dale Dekker | Joe  Farr

James Ortiz | Stan Sluder

Get Involved

The following committees are managed by NAIOP members. Committees are a great way for you to maximize your membership and find ways to get involved in the business community. If you’re interested in joining a committee, hit the button below: