Committees and Committee Members

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The following committees are managed by NAIOP members. Committees are a great way for you to maximize your membership and find ways to get involved in the business community. If you’re interested in joining a committee, hit the button below:

The Awards of Excellence is an award ceremony where we acknowledge the best projects in the following categories: offices, industrial buildings, retail, civic/public, renovation/remodel, educational, worshop, medical, hospitality and multi-family.

Shirley Anderson– Chair
Paul Wymer – Co-Chair
Ryan Parker
Alex Pulliam
Joe Sierra
Darin Davis
Jim Strozier
Ron Sisneros
Doug Majewski
Denise Baker
Ben Everson
David Shaffer
Ryan Turri, Videographer

The New Mexico Developing Leaders are a diverse group of individuals working in the commercial real estate industry throughout the country. Their backgrounds includes brokers, accountants, engineers, bankers, architects, contractors, developers, and business executives.

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Jason Lott – Chair
Robert Lucero, Crystal Conine

Kevin Yearout – Chair
Cynthia Shultz
David Leith
Bobbie Kay Nelson
Ted Garrett
Debbie Harms
Art Tatum – Chair
Kristi Gibbs
Mary Homan
Rich Reif
Ryan Parker
Scott Whitefield
David Newell
Patricia Mattioli
Ron Sisneros
David Leith, Chair
Kevin Yearout
Cynthia Schultz
Darin Davis
David Weber
Joe Sierra
Ken Fanning (Consultant)

Elizabeth Jeppesen, Chair

Chairs: Tom Novak
Tom Jenkins
Shad James
Lance Sigmon
Jim Trump
Tim MacEachen
Paul Silverman
David Doyle

Kurt Browning – Chair

Rich Reif – Co-Chair
Mary Homan – Co-Chair
Keith Meyer, Joe Sierra, Paul Wymer

Joe Sierra, Jeanie Springer–Chairs
Michelle Franks, Peter Gineris, Jim Strozier, Dave Doyle; Dave Newell, Billy Eagle

Jeanie Springer – Chair
Paul Wymer, Joe Sierra, John Black Mike Skolnick, Bobbi Kay Nelson Michelle Franks, Shelly Branscom

Kevin Yearout—Chair
Kurt Browning, Robert Lucero, Joann Newton, Michelle Henri, David Buchholtz, Randy Traynor

How You Can Make a Difference

Support pro-business candidates in local government
Develop and pass job-creation legislation at the local and state levels
Retain pro-business candidates in the New Mexico House
Support NEW pro-business candidates in the New Mexico Senate

Chair: Chris Youngblood
Tom Jenkins, Kevin Yearout, David Buchholtz, Tom Novak, Shad James